Pirates of the Pugg for Attacking Soccer Drills

The Pirates of the Pugg is a good and fun for attacking soccer drills. You need a Pugg Goal to do this. There are so many aspects which can be twisted in this soccer drill. So this would be a great idea for your soccer team. For the ages 8 to 11 players, this attacking soccer drills focus more on how to do good dribbling and involve good vision and awareness to the traffic. The coach does not only pay attention on attacking soccer drills but also soccer defensive drills. The player should defence when they lost the ball. The player also should try to find safety. In this soccer drills, the player allows to steal the ball from the attacker and set the goal.

Arrangement of Attacking Soccer Drills

Attacking Soccer Drills

Put a Pugg Goal in the middle of a circle you want to make. Make a big circle with the size that the Pugg Goal as the center. The size of the circle depends on the age and skill stage of the players. You will need 12 players to play one set of this attacking soccer drills. Nine players are with the ball and three players will be the ‘pirates’.

Directions of this coaching

Give commands to the ‘pirates’ who don’t have the ball to defend the players with the balls. The ‘pirate’ tries to attack the players with the balls. If the ‘pirate’ gets the ball, they can try to get a score on the Pugg Goal. The ‘pirate’ should defend the ball until they can score a goal in the middle of the circle (Pugg Goal). If the ‘pirate’ gets the goal, the player who lost the ball becomes a ‘pirate’ and continues attacking other players with the ball. This attacking soccer drills will be end if the last player with the ball become the winner.

Coaching Points

Attacking Soccer Drills

For attacking, the point of this attacking soccer drills is that the players keep the ball close to them. They should be more aware of the defender and try to find the safety areas. If they lost the ball, back to the fight and win the ball back. For defending, the players learn to do transition quickly and focus if they win the ball.
This attacking soccer drills can be a reference for your team to do soccer drills. It also help to improve both attacking and defending skills for your soccer team.


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