Youth Soccer Drills For 4 Years Old Kids

It needs to be fun and interesting if you want to teach 4 years old kids. Not only in teaching academics, but also non academics. This rule also applies in teaching soccer. In order to make it more fun, you need to make the soccer drills like games.

Everyone loves games, especially 4 years old kids. Since it is 4 years old kids, their parents are supposed to take parts. The parents can be their kids’ partner and they can encourage them. Here are the games used as youth soccer drills for 4 years old kids.

Animal Hunt Game for Youth Soccer Drill

youth soccer drills for spacing

This game in order to teach the kids in dribbling balls. Give one ball to each kid, and tell them they are in the jungle to hunt animals. The parents play role as the animals, each parent need to make a sound of a different animal. If the coach say that they need to pass the ball to one specific animal, for instance lion, the parent should make the sound of a lion. After that the kids should dribble the ball to the parent. This must be fun youth soccer drill.

Sleeping Bear Game For Youth Soccer Drill

youth soccer drills defense

This game for youth soccer drill is also for dribbling drill. Make the kids line up in one row with one ball for each. The parents play role as the sleeping bears who is down far away in front of their kids. When the kids ask the sleeping bear what time is it, the sleeping bears answer it. For instance, if the sleeping bears say 3 o’clock, the kids kick the ball three times. Do this until the kids reach their parents.

Those are fun games you can apply as youth soccer drill. You can modified the games in order to make them more fun.

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